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Our professional services practice

Here to facilitate the change you want and to insure that your business receives tangible value from any tactical or strategic program of action in which we are involved. When you retain ZUBA Solutions to drive your business objectives to success you will not only have a contract, but a commitment insuring the outcome you envisage, while only being vested in your success.

The following are just some of the areas in which we can be of assistance:

Email migrations small to very large Offered to both M&A clients and Microsoft Office 365 clients. We support Microsoft Exchange, BPOS, Office 365, Novell GroupWise, Gmail, VMware Zimbra, IMAP or POP systems.

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Business Process Engineering,
our primary focus here is on the sales pipeline and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) you could just implement a CRM technology, but to insure your success it needs to be just one part of an overall strategy that’s where we come in, Insuring alignment between your human capital business processes and technology. Driving effectiveness, productivity and so enabling the true value of the technology.

Merger & Acquisitions
may be the path to grater revenues and market share while decreasing competition, but how do you retain the value? In the technology field we can help by providing an objective analysis without a big price. Further we can provide program or project managers to oversee the technology integration to conclusion, while only being vested in your success.

Program and Project Management
, while elements of these functions are delivered as part of other product and services offered by ZUBA Solutions (Microsoft Online Services) some activities will require dedicated objective program portfolio and or project management some with PMI or Prince 2 certification or both to insure satisfactory implementation, while only being vested in your success.

Sarbanes-Oxley 404
and Information Technology (IT), so are you going to retain your external auditors to get thing in shape, or could you do some economical dusting and cleaning on IT internal controls before they arrive. We can provide a preliminary assessment of your IT internal controls before you apply the big guns thus saving you money.

The skilled technical people we deliver will be pre qualified and prepared to step in and perform.

In addition to representing you, they also represent ZUBA Solutions. Whether it’s organizational change management, software deployment, business process reengineering or program and project management, ZUBA Solutions will have its finger on the pulse.

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