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Need to inventory all your desktop hardware & software?
Intune will give you that!

Need premium protection against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software?
Intune will give you that!

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Need to insure that your desktop computers are fully up to date with the latest Microsoft updates providing the best possible secure desktop computing environment?

Intune will give you that!

Need to provide prompt remote assistance to your PC users regardless of their location?
Intune will give you that!

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Need to simplify Windows PC desktop management and reduce ongoing costs while improving service?
Intune will give you that!

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Endpoint Protection, Secure PCs, Monitor PCs, Manage PCs, Update PCs and Install Software Remotely (anywhere on the globe that you have internet access)

Want to install software without traveling to remote locations?
Intune will give you that!

Want to upgrade to Windows 8.1 Enterprise?
Intune will give you that!

Just $11.00 Per PC/month

Need the right people getting the right alerts?
Intune will give you that!

Want to have the rights to upgrade to future versions of Windows Intune will give you that!

ZUBA Solutions will have you up and running in a flash with Microsoft Windows Intune.

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You will need a free Windows Live ID to place your order (a Hotmail or MSN email address is a Windows Live ID). If you don’t have a Windows Live ID you can register any email address as a Windows Live ID here: Register your existing email address as a Windows Live ID

Windows Intune™ helps you manage and secure computers in your environment through a combination of Windows cloud services and upgrade licensing. Windows Intune delivers cloud-based management and security capabilities through a single web-based administrator console. With Windows Intune, you can manage computers from almost anywhere. With an active Windows Intune subscription, you have the rights to upgrade to future versions of Windows, with the same benefits of the Microsoft Software Assurance program for Windows.

Anti-Virus - Anti-Malware
Highly Accurate and Efficient Threat Detection

The endpoint protection included in Microsoft Intune is powered by the same trusted malware engine used by Microsoft System Center  and can deliver alerts and infection reports via email to the people you want. As with System Center 2012, Windows Intune takes advantage of many of the updates made to Microsoft’s trusted malware engine to deliver business-class endpoint protection.

Endpoint Protection helps enhance the security of managed computers in your organization by providing real-time protection against potential threats; keeping malicious software, or malware, definitions up-to-date; and automatically running scans. For ease and centralization of computer management, the Windows Intune administrator console includes a policy template with Endpoint Protection Agent settings so that you can create a policy and deploy it to multiple computers. The Microsoft Intune administrator console provides Endpoint Protection status summaries so that if malicious software is detected on a managed computer, or if a computer is not protected, you can quickly identify the affected computer and take appropriate action. Links from the console to relevant Microsoft Malware Protection Center topics let you learn more about malicious software that may be affecting computers in your organization.

Beyond using Windows Server Update Service (WSUS) to offer updates to desktops. Microsoft Intune, using agent elements of System Center 2012, will mandate (if you wish) the installation of updates and client software then report on success or failure direct from the client/desktop computer. Result, no more unforeseen security wholes with failed patching and Windows updates.

Enterprise integration with Microsoft Intune You can extend device management to the cloud by integrating System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager with Microsoft Intune to manage corporate-connected PCs, Macs and Unix/Linux servers on-premises along with cloud-based mobile devices running Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android, all from a single management console.

Microsoft handles setup, provisioning, ongoing maintenance and upgrades of your Microsoft Intune™ Server infrastructure, reducing your team’s IT workload and freeing IT resources to focus on core strategic initiatives that move your business forward.