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ZUBA Solutions will have you up and running in a flash with Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Online .


Nothing contributes to closing the deal like knowing your customer inside and out. Yet as you ask your sales teams to do more, faster, and from a greater number of distant locations, obtaining a complete view of your customers’ history, behavior, and needs is harder than ever.

Let Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Online help you get the most out of every opportunity and increase sales, marketing, and service performance.

CRM Online is the ideal solution for businesses that want to combine the power of online services with the productivity applications that sales, marketing, and customer service teams use every day

This familiar solution brings together all your people and processes because it works directly within Microsoft® Office Outlook®, integrates with other Microsoft applications, and delivers complete, centralized customer information across all departments. Your people can work from any location with an Internet connection.

Just as important, you’ll be up and running quickly, because Microsoft hosts your solution and takes care of the technology that makes it run

With precise, insightful sales analytics, our solutions help you replace best guesses with confident projections.