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During many projects, staff augmentation may be necessary in the short term and possibly ongoing. To insure the success of our clients we offer recruiting services to expedite a solution.

Making it Happen

We haven’t forgotten at ZUBA Solutions, its people that make things happen. Our people excel at just that. Working in conjunction with you and your firm, ZUBA Solutions' people will fulfill you business needs in the shortest time possible.

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  What Our People Do

ZUBA Solution's people are making it happen for our clients and candidates. If we don’t have the appropriate skills in house, then our network of associates will promptly complement our organization. Networking is our forte. We always know somebody that knows. When you work with us, you have the resources to achieve your objectives.

Focus Areas: Information Technology, Banking & Finance, Health Care, Engineering
  How it Works, The Process...

Specializing in permanent placement and consulting. Our people work throughout the Fortune 1000. We take time to understand what our Client needs, what is the opportunity and “who” would be a perfect fit. We locate the source companies who are most likely to be employing your candidate today. We interview all possible candidates from source companies and understand their needs and goals. When appropriate, we present the opportunity and re-qualify candidates Probe for Accuracy and continue to re-qualify prospects Present correct Candidate/s to client verbally with paper backup when appropriate When candidate has started with Client Company, begin work on next assignment Always be requalifying! Ask the questions that will kill the deal! In our humble opinion, It is better to have a “dead deal” now than two weeks before or after the start date.

If you are interested in being considered as a possible candidate for employment with ZUBA Solutions, or one of our clients. Please register via the link below.

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